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Super Shows to Stream When You’re Feeling Super

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Summer is here! The heatwaves have begun; Summer 2021 already has a large populace of consumers avoiding the heat. Arizona recently hit triple digits, and California isn’t too far behind. Naturally, people are cuddling up with their A/C units on Max Cool, binge-watching their favorite shows. Unfortunately, that ‘Next Episode’ button tends to end sooner than later. Here are a few new and popular shows worth watching this summer when you feel cool and… cozy.

This list is also spoiler-free.


One of the most popular shows worth streaming this summer is Invincible. This is a mature animated series brought to you by Robert Kirkman. If that name sounds familiar, it is because he is known as “The Walking Dead Guy.” Invincible follows a league of superheroes attempting to protect the world while dealing with their baggage respectively. The series follows teenager Mark Grayson on his quest into superherodom and adulthood when looking a bit deeper. Invincible is full of parodies of the genre. However, being a product of Robert Kirkman, the series is full of high-speed plot twists and turns. Invincible is worth streaming this summer. All of those superhero memes you’ve seen this summer will instantly make sense.

Jupiter’s Legacy

Jupiter’s Legacy is another superhero series that gets a bulk of kudos. A Netflix original, Jupiter Legacy is a mature spin on a live-action superhero series. There's a graphic novel based on Jupiter's Legacy, aptly called Jupiter's Legacy. The premise is about how a family in 1929 received superpowers amidst The Great Depression. Fast-forwarding to the modern-day, the series follows the nearly ageless family answering a bevy of moral concerns. The series is listed as a superhero drama, which makes complete sense. Jupiter’s Legacy is political in a unique way. The near-dystopian nature of a superhero series like Jupiter’s Legacy is worth a watch when you are stuffed on the couch.

The Boys

Many believe Netflix adapting Jupiter’s Legacy was a direct response to the intense popularity of Amazon Prime’s original series The Boys. This series is a dark, grimy, adult superhero series beloved by many fans. The Boys is different from the perspective of the shows as mentioned earlier on this list. This show follows a regular, mundane citizen named Peter, tragically affected by one of the governing superhero’s decisions. As the show progresses, Peter attempts to secure vengeance for that wrongdoing. Along the way, the parody and real-world problems are present in the superhero commune. Did we mention that the legendary Seth Rogen executive produced The Boys? Do you remember the last time you and Seth Rogen bonded cozily on the couch with Pineapple Express? Of course, you do. Check out The Boys on Amazon Prime.

Harley Quinn Animated Series

The Harley Quinn Animated Series is a few seasons in, making it the perfect candidate for binge-watching a superhero series. As the title suggests, the series is animated. The style is similar to that of the nostalgic Batman Beyond. The Harley Quinn Animated Series is something that fans would find on Adult Swim around midnight. The series follows the titular character and recognizable supporting villains on their quest doing random stuff. Along the way, Harley Quinn’s relationship with the Joker and Poison Ivy is explored closely in a relatable fashion. Of the superhero series listed, the Harley Quinn Animated Series is undoubtedly the funniest. Many fans believe the Harley Quinn Animated Series outshines the DC Cinematic Universe. The series also casts some recognizable voice actors. The next time you have the A/C cranking and feel stuck on the couch, check out the Harley Quinn Animated Series.

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