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How Parents are Utilizing Cannabis to Cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since March of 2020, COVID-19 claimed the lives of over 500,000 people in the United States. COVID-19 wrecked the economy across the globe. Summarily, managing the COVID-19 Pandemic has been downright stressful. Although the pandemic is beginning to curb, it has already taken its toll on literally millions. Moreover, the COVID-19 Pandemic has been even harder for parents. This is why there is a populace of parents who are turning to cannabis. An even larger population of parents utilize cannabis without genuinely understanding how it is working for them. Here’s how.

Common cannabinoids consumed amidst the pandemic

THC, or Δ-9 TetraHydroCannabinol, is the psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis. The term ‘psychoactive’ is a fancy way of saying THC is responsible for getting parents high. It is undoubtedly the most famous cannabinoid in the industry. Parents often obtain THC through a bevy of cannabis products. Some of these products include concentrates, live resins, and distillates. Despite all of the vaping Tik Toks, smoking cannabis is still hip for parents to participate in.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids (compounds) found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. This means CBD does not get its consumers high. All cannabinoids considered THC and CBD are the flagship cannabinoids of the cannabis industry. Both of these cannabinoids are well-known, respected and can counteract the effects of the other. Researchers have studied CBD’s ability to balance the psychoactivity or ‘high’ of THC.

Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

CBD and THC work directly with the ECS, or Endocannabinoid System of our bodies. This system allows the cannabinoids, as mentioned earlier, to attach to our CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors are found in the brain and throughout the body. Additionally, CBD is associated with many health benefits for those seeking alternative medication or treatment without dealing with THC’s psychoactivity. It is worth noting that the two cannabinoids, THC and CBD, must be used in unison to enact the Entourage Effect. Researchers believe that when THC and CBD are used together, parents receive more of the health benefits of the cannabinoids mentioned above. Considering the mental and emotional stress associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic and raising children, parents are looking for all of the ‘effects’ they can receive

Why parents are turning to cannabis

Truth be told: parents are not ‘turning to’ cannabis amidst a global pandemic. Parents have been consuming cannabis to deal with the stresses of parenthood (and adulthood) for a century. The COVID-19 Pandemic simply allowed researchers to focus more on the happenings. Recent studies revealed that CBD usage is up nearly 20% since March 2020 (the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.) Aclara Research stated that almost 60% of CBD usage is associated with stress relief and pain relief. Additionally, CBD is favored by the remaining percentage for relaxation, sleep, and general wellness.

In short, 1 of 5 cannabis consumers purchases cannabis products for stress relief that is believed to result from the global pandemic. Considering the factors mentioned above, it is very plausible that cannabis usage for stress relief is at an all-time high.

Other forms of cannabis enjoyed by parents

Cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are available in a variety of forms. Some consumers are familiar with cannabinoids found in dry cannabis and cannabis concentrates. Cannabis is enjoyed in various forms by parents; this can range from THC oil, CBD topicals, isolates, and distillate cartridges. Edibles have also been a hit with parents in a range of dispensaries.

Although we are on the latter end of the ‘first wave’ of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the stresses of being a parent will never subside. It is a job that often goes overlooked and undervalued. Cannabis helps with that a lot.

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